Dear colleagues, welcome to our page!

All masters are looking to find some “magic” pigment, using which they will work nice, fast and have clean and natural colours. That there won’t be unwanted shades.

Unfortunately there is no magic. Our profession has too many important components, starting from the tattoo machines up to the right working with pigments technique.

But we were thinking about creating a product which can ease our work. Huge work experience, studying colouristic in permanent make up and regular pigment behavior on skin tracking helped us to make some conclusions and achieve results which we are proud of.

That’s why in 2016 we created and presented our unique Hanafy Colours Pigments to the industry. They are easy in colouristics and palette, so they can be used individually or be mixed together to gain the perfect shade.

Hanafy Colours Pigments are:

  • easy to operate
  • simple in colouristics
  • stay for long
  • even discolouration
Our pigments are certified in Russia and the Customs Union and loved by many masters across the world. Our goods are widely represented through the whole Russia and outside the country: we have our representatives in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and others.
Besides pigments you can find tattoo equipment and all necessary consumables. List of goods will be expanded