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Hanafy Colours Pigments

Hanafy Colours Pigments are:

  • Quality as a result of years of practical experiments and observations;
  • Quality proven over the years;
  • Quality based on high-class raw materials made in USA;
  • Quality supported by all certificates required in Russia and Customs Union; ;
  • Quality that allows the work process to be easy and enjoyable..

The small palette consists of the most useful shades that have easy and clear colour scheme. Working with these pigments is easy and enjoyable as well as to gain a predictable result.

Hanafy Colours Pigments are made of synthesized organic and inorganic components, each shade has its’ own material safety data sheet (MSDS).

    Ingredients are allowed to use by State standard GOST R 58391-2019. It is proven by the conclusion of the Center for Chemical Research NA28-06-2/10 dated July 11, 2019

    • Permanent makeup made with “Hanafy” pigments looks natural and graceful for months and even years.
    • Discoloration is going gradually and slow, without moving to unnaturally shades.
    • All pigments can be used separately or be mixed together to gain the desired shade.
    • Can be perfectly removed by laser or remover if needed.
    • Detailed information on the ingredients and date of manufacture are stated on the label tag.
    • Shelf life is 3 years.
    • It is recommended to test for allergies before use.

Enjoy your work with Hanafy Colours Pigments!