Svetlana Gazizova
Owner of «letosvesnoy» permanent makeup and cosmetology studio in Moscow. She is a master with a great art style and a basic coloristic knowledge.
Working and studying at the advanced training courses in Spain.

I am the permanent makeup master or more than 9 years. There are so many pigments and I’ve tried a lot of them.
I really enjoy experimenting and finding something that suits me.
I know Olga Tarasyuk personally, and I’m following her work for 9 years, from the start of my permanent makeup journey. The PM-forum, created by Olga, helped me a lot. So, after the creation of HANAFY pigments I started working with them without a doubt, as they are made by enthusiastic professional. They are tested in years of personal practice. I’m working on them for 1.5 years and I am more than happy! What do I need in my daily work?
- easy to operate
- quality
- easy to work

All of this I have while working with amazing HANAFY pigments made by Olga Tarasyuk!
Geraschenko Evgeniya
Khabarovsk based master-instructor with 18 years of experience.

I’ve found the HANAFY pigments 1.5 years ago and was a bit watchful and careful as with any other pigments. But when you see the result after year or two there are no doubts left. Stable color result – something that each master is worried about. Now HANAFY pigments are my favorite, my work confidence through the years.
Kostinetskaya Olga
Style designer, makeup artist, stylist, makeup, visage and special effects instructor, permanent makeup master, advancing training permanent makeup courses author and coach, thematic competitions referee.

HANAFY pigments are not only in my professional life, but in my heart too. The special shout-out goes to № 1, which helps eyelids shading become a makeup.
Maximova Irina
Owner of permanent makeup studio in Moscow. One of the leading masters in the industry with 17 years’ experience.
This review is the most valuable. Irina Maximova and Olga know each other personally for many years, but despite this she didn’t has any interest in the pigments. But now we are pleased to have her positive review about HANAFY pigments.

I’m working with HANAFY pigments since autumn 2019. On the first notice I’ve discovered that they are really easy to wash off the skin during work when I can’t say the same about other pigments. The pigments perfectly lay on the skin, you don’t need to cover it for 100 times. This even helped to reduce the procedure time. There are a lot of healed works with good looking shapes. I’m working with all brown HANAFY pigments from 1st to 5th and this is more than enough.
I’ve got only new works with eyelids pigments, I’m getting used to it. But even there it lays perfectly.

I know Olga for many years and I believe in her mixes. This is the result of years of practice. The biggest advantage for everyone, for masters and clients, of HANAFY pigments is the result. Even after 2 or 3 years the color on the skin stays the same.

Last, but not the least for me – I do really like bottle with thin top, that makes pouring into the cap very easy.
Alexandra Shefer
Owner of the SHEFER SASHA permanent makeup studio in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Amazing permanent makeup master since 2010. г.Астана, Казахстан.

I’m the first one after Olga who started working on a HANAFY pigments. After 5 years with HANAFY I still trust them. I have a lot of healed works in my portfolio and satisfied clients are coming back for renewal procedures.

I do really like HANAFY pigments, it’s easy to work with them. Always recommend them to other masters who are grateful for the advice.